MPIS Services

MPIS Services


Since the school follows strict vegetarian food plans, Light snacks and full lunches are available from our canteen which is situated in the School. The canteen features a daily menu of International food. .


Mothers Pride Int. School buses operate from home and school. The service is offered across an extensive part of the city. Each bus seats a monitor. Bus drivers and monitors participate in training programmes in order to meet our requirement of safety and reliability.

Help Desk

All school uniforms including Primary, PE Kit, books and other resources are all available at the Help Desk: Opening Hours: 8:30am to 3: 30pm.

  • Tel :062-650-8382
  • Tel :02-433-2427
  • Tel :02-433-2428
  • Uniform

    All students at Mothers Pride wear a uniform. Students across the school are required to wear black leather (or simulated leather) shoes as part of the uniform, from Mon to Thursday. On the day Fri, it is followed with white PE shoes and PE uniforms. The uniforms have been designed with consideration to comfort in a hot climate and functional ease for children.

    Medical Insurance

    All school students of Mothers Pride are provided with an insurance cover. This cover is available for the time period since they are with the school vans and in the school campus. Medical insurance ensures the safety of the kids in case they get any kind of injury while playing or participating in any school activity.