Fee Policy

Fees Policy

School fees details are available separately in the school website for all the classes from Nur till Yr:11. Dates for payment of school fees are as follows:

1- Term 1 school fees: Payable from Jun 15th

2- Term 2 School fees: Payable from 1st Nov till 5th Nov

3- Term 3 School fees: Payable from 1st Feb till 5th Feb.

Late fees and charges:

All school fees are expected to be paid on the designated dates for all the students. In case the fees is paid late, a charge of 100 baht will be charged for late fees paid.

Mode of payment for school fees:

School fees can be paid in the designated bank account/cash/cheque. Receipts of the school fees paid will be issued once the fees is cleared.

Cheque returned

In case of cheque return an additional charge of 500 baht will be charged in the school fees.

School reserves the right to not to allow the students to enter the class rooms and not allow him/her for participating in the examinations if the school fees is not cleared and the results and report cards will withhold with the school office.

Fees refund policy:

There is no refund of the school fees for any student. In case the student withdraws from the school due to any reason/reasons school will not be held responsible and there will no refunds available for the amount of the school fees paid.

Request for documents:

  • 1- Documents will be issued only after clearance of school dues.
  • 2- In case of need of documents to be sent overseas, a charge of 900 baht will be charged for postal expenses. Whereas, if the post is needed to be done within the country, the postal charge of 100 baht will be charged.
  • Monthly Fees Payments and TC:

    In case if parents opt to pay monthly fees instead of term fees, they have to settle all dues for the term. In case it remains unpaid, no TC or school leaving certificate will be issued to the student and school account access in the school database will remain blocked too.

    Fee Structure 2024-2025