Mrs. Simran Malhotra


We at MPIS place a high premium on the role of teachers, their competencies, skills and ability to nurture talent. Rapid changes in technology and globalization are considerably changing the education scenario. This change will require a sense of urgency in creating a new collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to enrich our teaching-learning process. We need to prepare the students for the modern world and who can become responsible and engaged members of society, resulting in sustainable growth, peace and positive global impact.

Our motto "Global Perspective values" is a driving force to pitch our students and their thoughts and creativity with their counterparts in the different time zones of the world. They are encouraged to form online learning communities, collaborate on joint projects, exchange visits and learn the value of appreciation for different cultures. They are conscientious SDG ambassadors who work on making this world a better place, in their innocent way.

We are committed to meet this challenge and make our students ready to face any challenges.

Mrs. Simran Malhotra

Director- Mothers Pride International School

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