School Prefect Policy


The following policy is proposed in response to the growing demand for an accountable leadership and problem solving learning opportunity for the young people under our care.


Mother’s Pride International provides many opportunities for students to develop leadership and representation skills and we entrust pupils with responsibilities commensurate with their strengths and abilities. Formal pupil leadership (a Prefect System) provides important benefits for both the pupil and the school. Prefects have the potential to influence the school environment and the behaviour of their fellow pupils by becoming advocates for positive change in the school community. It has been proven that when children actively participate in leadership in school life, and their ideas and opinions are listened to and valued, they feel respected and encouraged to make further contributions. The benefits to the school and the pupils include:

  • Increased communication skills.
  • Improved academic performance for students involved.
  • Greater commitment to the school from the wider student body.
  • Positive influences on the climate of the school.
  • A strengthened school spirit.
  • Increased co-operation from all pupils.
  • A network of support for the pupil body.

General Guidelines:

1. School Prefects will work to ensure that their moral and academic life shall always be a model for the student community to emulate.

2. All Prefects will undergo a training seminar with the school Principal or Teachers where their duties and responsibilities will be explained to them.

3. Each Prefect shall have a document defining his/her area/s of responsibility.

4. Should any Prefect tarnish the name of the school or fail to set an example to their peers their badge and duties will be suspended.

In performing duties as School Prefect, each prefect will be expected to:

1- Respect the rules and regulations of the school and observe the School Rules at all times.

2- Be dressed appropriately at all times. Prefects shall wear their badge that distinguishes their office at all times.

3- Be punctual for duties and attend all Prefect meetings where possible.

4- Maintain an excellent academic and behaviour record and lead by example, ensuring the pursuit of academic excellence and orderly behavior.

5- Be positive and enthusiastic , encouraging and motivating fellow students.

6- Be cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and responsible.

7- Be respectful toward teachers, your peers, and the school environment.

8- Display leadership qualities: confidence, initiative, problem solving skills.

9- Be willing to take on extra responsibilities.

10- Be able to work independently and complete tasks.

11- Prefects shall, in discharging their duty, act in kindness, assuming the role of senior brother/sister to the junior ones placed in their charge.

12- Prefects shall work together as a single body to promote cohesiveness and discipline in all their domains.

13- Prefects will work to ensure the smooth functioning of the school by helping to facilitate peace,order and discipline and strict respect of school rules without fear or favour.

14- Prefects will attend all school events and activities when required where possible, and will be expected to help, lead and serve.

15- Prefects shall not sublet their authority to their friends for convenience.

16- Prefects must be excellent ambassadors for the school, representing the school image positively.

17- Prefects will act as additional pairs of eyes at break times and lunchtimes and to report to staff serious misbehavior.

18- Prefects will act as friends and buddies for those who need support.

19- Prefects will carry out tasks and jobs as may be directed from time to time by staff.

20- Prefects will work in groups or pairs, so there is always more than one witness and another with which to share judgments.

Selection Criteria:

Responsibility and Integrity.


Self Confidence and Initiative.

Prefect General Requirements:

Academic Achievements

Pupils who intend to put themselves forward for the role of school prefect must have exemplary records in terms of behaviour, aptitude and attendance. They must also be working to their full potential in terms of academic achievement and progress.

Personal skills and aptitudes

Always be Self-confident: be assertive.

Prefects should have the ability to speak in public, to students and adults.

Display team working skills and be organised and resourceful.

Be polite, honest, reliable, punctual and hardworking.


Prefects are ultimately responsible to the Principal and teachers.

On a day to day basis Prefects are responsible to the individual member of staff in their areas of responsibility.


Prefects must adhere to School rules.

The main duty of Prefects is to maintain an atmosphere of friendly cooperation, peace, discipline and unity in the school.

Prefects must liaise and collaborate with each other, as a team, to ensure efficiency and smooth running of their own area of responsibility and of the school as a whole.

Prefects academic and behavioural standards must be maintained.

Prefects will always work in the interest of the school.

Certain Prefects will be given set roles and responsibilities.

Removal from post as prefect

Prefects who fail to adhere to the Code of Behaviour and to maintain the role and responsibilities of Prefect will be given a notice of intention to remove their prefect status.

Prefects understand that they can be replaced if, in the judgement of the principal and staff, they are not fulfilling their roles effectively and in accordance with the prefect role descriptors and outline of duties. Pupils failing to address the area/s of concern will have their prefect status removed.