Mr. J.S. Malhotra


The world of learning starts from the day one of the school of every student and it goes on and on from there. As an integral part of the learning process of the student’s life school and the mentors play a big role in shaping the students in their lives and careers. Not only it directs them toward the right direction but also convert them into better citizens of the society so shall they contribute their skills and become valuable role models for others to follow their footprints.

We at MPIS, takes a lot of pride in shaping the kids in all the fields be it academics, sports, moral values, activities and cultural participations. Our time-tested methods and new ideologies bring in a complete range of programmes which are designed and keep on modulating to help the students in scaling new heights and dimensions. In the year 2018, when the school is entering its 12th year of establishment we are more than happy to see the progress being made by our school students which is being testified by their performances and swelling tally of the school from strength to strength. Not only this motivates us to excel further but it acts like a catalyst for us which is guiding us to do things further better and further narratively.