Late Mr. Sandeep Ahoja


It’s been a long journey but it is a beautiful journey which I wish keep going on and on. We can witness the changes we are bringing to the lives of the students which is being getting done by the tireless efforts of the entire school system and team. I wish to express my gratitude to all the parents and students who not only trusted us but also supported us during all the times. We have been putting in tireless efforts and we do believe that the efforts are always result oriented when the ultimate goal is the betterment of every student of the school.

We are thriving to explore new ideas and updating the students with the same. As this journey of learning is long and beautiful I take the privilege of wishing all the students a very good luck and at the same time I would share a secret of success with them all, keep of working hard and success will follow you ultimately.

With all my good wishes!!.